Fire your love-dart through a

falling heart to reveal the misery.

Then hit the 'Aww come here' button

to give the emo's a cyber-hug

and re-up the romance!

Let's do it

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, [ 'Why so sad $user ? I can’t see you but I bet you look absolutely STUNNING today!', 'Awww $user, come and have a nice warm cyber hug, you big sack of snuggles you!', 'Dry your eyes $user, get out your love-cutlery and pull-up a seat at the romance smorgasbord!', 'Cheer up $user, remove all your clothes and waggle your toes in the bubbly cyber-love hot tub!', 'Now now $user, come out of the sad room and into the red hot sauna of love instead (don’t forget your towel).' ] );